Whilst we’re snuggled up indoors in the winter months, our homes are bearing up against the wind, rain and cold outside. Over time, all of this can lead to damage to your home’s walls, roofs and other exterior features, which could mean anything from draughts to major structural issues. Proper home care can work wonders, though, and keeping it cosy for winter comes down to just a few key checks.

Clear the gutters

Clearing out gutters might not be the most glamorous tasks in the world, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for your home. Gutters and drains clogged with leaves and winter debris can cause serious water damage to your home, if you don’t do anything to prevent them.

Keep pipes cosy

Frozen pipes are the last thing you want during winter; you could be looking at slow drainage in a best-case scenario, or burst pipes and water damage in the worst. All you need to do to prevent this is wrap them up warm in some lagging, which you can easily buy online or from your local DIY store. Start with the problem areas, such as external pipes, especially if you have a condensing boiler, making sure everything’s insulated.

Leave the cold outside

There’s nothing worse than a draught that you just can’t catch, especially when you’re feeling cold. Common draught zones include under doors, around letterboxes and the edges of window frames. Make sure these are sealed up tight to keep the cold out.

Inspect the roof

The roof plays a major part in keeping your home toasty and dry, so it’s an obvious place to look when it comes to winter-proofing. Cracked or missing tiles are an easy in for rain, which could cause damage or rot. If you can’t see your roof from the ground, and aren’t too keen on ladders, a roofer can check that your home is in tip-top condition for you.

Don’t neglect your chimney

A roaring fire is the perfect solution to a cold winter’s day. A roaring chimney fire is not. If you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, make sure you have it swept and clean before you light any fires. You can find out more here!

Winter can be tough on your home but with the right care and proper upkeep, you can stay snug during the cold weather. If you’re looking to do some major winter-proofing or have a big idea for a future winter retreat, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always delighted to hear from you!