When you’ve got a great idea, it can be tempting to dive straight in and start putting your plans into action. We know that realising your construction dream is the most exciting part of any project, but without the essential planning considerations, you might experience setbacks and complications in the construction process which are easily avoided. Here’s what you need to consider before work gets under way:

Set a realistic budget

Although you won’t have a detailed idea of costs, you will know how much money you have to spend! Knowing your budget will guide many of your decisions during the construction process, so understanding what you can and can’t afford will go a long way in making sure you achieve the results you’re looking for with as little stress as possible. You’ll need to take into account the cost of materials, planning consents as well as contractors’ and architects’ fees. Sometimes there may be demolition fees and the laying on of mains services from a distant place which can prove very expensive indeed.

Get the designs right

You might have incredible ideas, but, unless you’re an architect or design professional, these might be beyond the realms of possibility. Get advice, for which you’ll usually have to pay, from an architect or structural engineer as well as your contractor, and start pulling together a design, which will serve as the blueprint for the project itself. Having a collaborative relationship with everyone who’ll be bringing your project to life will ensure your ideas won’t be lost in the process, but your home will be properly designed and built to prevent future issues.

Shop around

Before construction starts it’s a good idea to start shopping around for materials, to get a feel for what you do and don’t want the end product to look like. For instance, if you’re building in brick, there are substantial variations in price dependent upon colour and quality. Starting your shopping early will also help you keep track of your budget, so there won’t be any unexpected or unaccounted for costs further down the line. Allow yourself one or two months before construction to get all of your material choices agreed and seek advice from your contractor if you’re overwhelmed by the range of options and practical installations to choose from.

Make sure you have all the right permits                            

Going about getting planning permission can be difficult, and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Allow yourself 8 weeks for applications and approval to come through before any work can start. If work has already begun and you don’t have approval you may need to make significant and costly changes or abandon the project altogether; it’s always best to start off on the right foot! Familiarise yourself with the different types of planning consents out there and talk to neighbours and other interested parties about your project to ensure that they’re onside and unlikely to block any decisions.

Whether you have a big idea for a new build or have a vision for transforming your home, we’re always excited to be a part of making your project a reality. Get in touch with the Nutshell team to share your ideas and discuss how we can help bring your construction project to life.