If you’ve visited our blog before, you’ll know that we’re proud to be regular sponsors of the annual Brighton Festival. As a Sussex business through and through, sponsoring the Festival allows us to give something back to our community and to get involved in the diverse and exciting events it has to offer. Naturally, it also gives us a platform to talk to existing and potential customers and partners.

2017’s Festival offering did not disappoint, with so many amazing events, workshops and activities going on across the city. As usual we also took advantage of a huge culture fix and got a real flavour of everything going on in the arts in South East – well outside of our construction bubble!

Whilst the general atmosphere and community spirit is always something we enjoy, a particular highlight this year has been the Your Place programme which we were particularly involved in. Brighton’s community spirit truly shone through, and it also allowed us to bring our construction knowledge closer to the creativity that the Festival inspires.

Our book box workshops proved to be a hit over two weekends, with children from all over the city joining in to learn exactly what we do, and helping to create something for their whole community to enjoy; the boxes will be on display around the city allowing you to leave a book, pick up something new and read something you might not normally go for. It’s a great initiative reminding us to take time out and enjoy the cultural delights available in the city.

We’re delighted that we were able to be a part of the Festival once again; a highlight in itself. We hope you managed to enjoy some of the many events this year. We’re thoroughly looking forward to Brighton Festival 2018!