Winter can be tough on homes, but the cold weather and rain usually means bad things for the gardens we work so hard on in the summer. With a change in the seasons almost upon us, it’s prime time to start preparing your garden for harsher conditions.

Make the most of the light

As the days get shorter, you’ll want to make sure your plants are getting the most light they can. Remove any shading to help them get the light they need and position any winter flowering plants in the sunniest spots.


Autumn leaves make great nutrient-rich compost that you can add to your existing heap. Add your compost to flower beds, and let the elements breakdown the nutrients. This will leave you with nutrient-rich, plant-loving soil come spring and summer.

Plant evergreens

Evergreens will help to add colour and interest to your garden when the rest of the plants have died. Fill in any empty spots and add some winter colour!

Net your pond

Wind and rain can wreak havoc on ponds and decomposing leaves can block pumps and turn water foul. Catching leaves and debris in netting can help to protect your pond, and will save you a job cleaning it come spring. Any leaves you collect in the process can also be added to your compost heap!

Lift delicate flowers

Delicate plants won’t stand the winter, and you don’t want your hard work going to waste. Lift tender flowers from your beds and repot them in dry compost. Keep them somewhere cool and frost-free over the colder months.

Maintain your gutters and drainpipes

As soon as the autumn leaves start falling make sure you’re consistently clearing any blockages from gutters and drains; not doing this can cause significant damage to your home!

Check sheds, fences, decking and outdoor furniture

Pick a dry weekend and give any wood a fresh coat of preservative, waterproof paint. Check the roofing on your shed and store any soft or non-weatherproof furniture there, to protect it from the elements.

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