Any owner of a period property will know that there are certain issues that come with them, especially when trying to extend, improve or carry out any other kind of work. As restoration pros, we’ve come across a number of these challenges and have become pretty familiar with them.

  1. Building regulations – we’ve already written about the challenges of working with building regulations when it comes to period properties and listed buildings. Sometimes these can be difficult to understand and navigate but they’re not impossible to work with.
  2. Damp – this affects properties new and old, but it is most often found in period properties. Warning signs include cracks and bulges in walls and around windows and doors as well as sloping floors.
  3. Condensation – closely linked to damp, but not the same, condensation and rising damp occurs when homes aren’t well-ventilated; something that often happens when owners try to block up draughty spots and block ventilation.
  4. Out of date services – if there are underlying structural issues with the period property, it’s often the case that services like central heating, electricity and plumbing will require updating too.
  5. Poor insulation and energy efficiency – often, period properties will have poor insulation due to their being fitted with single glazed windows resulting in energy inefficiency and possibly draughts. These problems can be fixed!

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