Our Values

Our vision is simple. We love the construction trade and creating beautiful structures, but we’re not fans of the culture that so often pervades building sites. That’s why we’re on a mission to change the face of construction for the better and we’re doing that with a unique set of values that set us apart from the crowd.

Sustainable construction


Valuing our environment: We’re proud of Sussex and its natural surroundings. That’s why we always have the environment in mind during each project. We try to make sure the materials we use are locally sourced and renewable, whilst doing what we can to implement sustainable practices into our techniques across every build we are part of.

Time for people


Our people are our greatest investment and we value our team above all else. Seasoned professional or novice tradesperson, we take the time to train our team in the Nutshell way, making sure everyone shares our vision as well as our attention to detail.

Making design work


We love great design, and we’re committed to making it work. We always make sure that everyone’s on the same page and lines of communication are well and truly open. This means that we can realise the architect’s or client’s vision without compromising the structural integrity of our work.

Sticking to our roots


Our founders’ family boasts a long history of residence in Sussex – over 400 years – and we’re not going anywhere soon! Our clients and partners can rest assured that we’ll never leave them in the lurch. We’ll be with you until the work is well and truly over.

Building to last


Longevity is vital to us, and we relish the opportunity to build stunning homes that stand the test of time – both structurally and aesthetically. We combine the most modern building techniques with tried and tested traditional methods to create sound, solid structures. Our respect for the Sussex landscape furthers our desire to create buildings that will adorn the scenery for years to come.

Empathising with clients


A big construction project is a daunting undertaking and it’s only natural to have concerns. Our experience and empathic approach allows us to address common concerns and understand exactly where our clients are coming from. Above all else, we want to make your construction experience an enjoyable one!