Just like houses, gardens need protection during the winter. Whilst many of us consider garden maintenance to be essentially a summer job, it’s actually a year-round task. To help you care for your garden, we’ve listed some essential landscaping and exterior jobs that will keep everything in great condition whatever the weather.

  1. Consider seasonal plants – most plants have a certain seasonality and will only come into bloom when light and weather conditions are right. Now’s the time to be considering your landscaping for the spring and summer to make sure you get the most out of your garden. Think about plants that bloom in colder weather to add some winter colour to your garden.
  2. Protect your trees – winter winds can be just as unkind to trees as they can to our homes. For smaller trees and saplings, be sure to support them to keep them from blowing over in strong gusts. Strong winds can also cause significant damage to larger, more robust trees. It’s a good idea to prune trees or consult a tree surgeon if you’re worried about them uprooting in wintery gales.
  3. Keep an eye on gutters – strong winds and lots of rain can cause leaves and other garden debris to blow into gutters causing them to overflow or become blocked. If this is left unmonitored it can lead to flooding and structural damage to your home.
  4. Maintain fences – winter weather can wreak havoc on fences. Adding a coat of wood treatment to reseal wooden fences will go a long way in preventing rot that can be caused by wet weather.