If you’ve been reading our blog you’ll have discovered how staircases have the power to transform your space. Staircases can be so much more than just a route around the house – and there are many options. Here are a few of our favourites to inspire you:

  1. Wrought iron – we love the look and feel of wrought iron balustrades, not to mention their versatility. Wrought iron is a great material, and for a number of reasons. It allows for creativity, uniqueness and intricacy of design and can be used in either modern or traditional spaces.
  2. Helical staircases – not quite a straight staircase, and not as striking as a spiral staircase, helical staircases offer the best of both worlds. These sweeping designs are wonderfully versatile and can add a modern touch to virtually any home.
  3. Storage staircases – what’s not to love about a safe saving solution that also looks great? A well-designed staircase can be the stand out feature of a hallway or space. Under-the-stairs storage solutions offer a stylish solution to an age-old problem.
  4. Tiled staircases – this is a great way to add life to your staircase without changing it completely. Multi-coloured or patterned tiles add some extra interest to your staircase for a feature that complements your home and its personality.