New Builds

When our clients and partners have big ideas, it falls to building contractors to breathe life into them. For us, this is an exciting opportunity to start afresh and create something remarkable.

We work directly with clients, architects and designers to ensure that everything we do accurately reflects the clients’ aspirations. We know that any home reflects the personality of its owner so strive to be true to that disposition, whilst bestowing it with character and beauty.

Above all else, we understand that committing to a new build project is a big emotional and financial undertaking for our clients. That’s why we keep communication channels open across all stages of the process, so everyone knows exactly what’s happening and when. Whether clients change their mind on the floorplan or have concerns about other aspects of the project, we will always make ourselves available to discuss your queries.

We operate in and around the Sussex area, creating exceptional properties from the ground up. Head to our portfolio for examples of our work.



Providing clients have chosen the right architect who is sympathetic to location, materials and design, they can rely on Nutshell to interpret and deliver a beautiful result.


Attention to detail can make or mar any project. Nutshell works closely with interior designers as well as having the capability to deliver solutions via internal resources.