Listed Buildings & Period Property

Period homes and historic buildings are full of life and character, and their unique architectural features are what makes them special. As experts in period property renovation, and enthusiasts for historical architecture, we’ve built an impressive portfolio of restoration projects.

Our expertise spans everything from listed property building regulations to maintaining and reconstructing the signature features from any relevant period. Whether you need to restore the structural integrity of your home or want to implement a space-enhancing extension, the unique character of your home informs a sensitive conversion. You can read more about our restoration services here.


Our period projects…

One of our favourite projects to date, this Grade II listed building renovation project is the perfect example of a medieval manor house brought back to life. The Nutshell team were instructed to bring the existing facilities into the 21st century, increasing efficiency and adding extra space. All of this was done with the historic integrity of the building in mind and the end result is aa award winning beautiful model of modern country living in a property with individual charm.