The concept of the smart home is not a new one and many of the ideas surrounding the ‘home of the future’ have been around for a while.  Until now, though, technology hasn’t been able to keep up with our imaginations, and the ‘home of the future’ remained out of reach. Today’s technology has changed that, placing futuristic gadgets at the forefront of homes as we know them.

What does a smart home look like?

As the technology behind them gets more and more sophisticated, smart homes are becoming increasingly varied. Smart home gadgets include anything that can be controlled by the internet; your kettle, your thermostat, your fridge, your door locks or your blinds can all be controlled through one convenient app, any time, any place.

What are the benefits?

Smart home technology is designed to make life as easy and convenient as possible, which means there more than a few benefits to investing in the technology. Of course, convenience is top of the list; controlling your home remotely or fully automating things like heating or lighting means that you hardly need to think.

Energy efficiency and eco-friendly credentials are also at the top of our list. Automated processes and remote access mean that you can make sure your home stays sustainable and saves you money, whether you’re at home or away.

Installing smart technology can also increase your home’s value, help to keep you and your family safe and secure and create an environment that’s unique to you.

How can Nutshell help?

We have a wealth of experience in designing and creating spaces that are unique to our clients. Our flexible and collaborative approach, combined with our partnerships with some of Sussex’s best contractors allows us to work with the latest techniques and technologies to create your personal space.

We pride ourselves on creating exceptional properties for each and every client and we’re always delighted to hear from you with your comments, queries and big ideas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Nutshell team today.