Your floor makes up a big part of your space, so choosing what materials, styles and colours to use can seem like a daunting decision. There’s a whole host of things to think about when it comes to crunch-time, including taste, practicality as well as the style of the rest of your home. Interior designers far and wide understand the difference a great floor, with the right colour and design, can make. So what do you need to consider? We asked Ocean Flooring boss and floor expert, Phil Gilbert to give us his top tips on choosing the perfect floor for your home.


Like any other part of your home, your floor needs to have the right look and feel to make your space truly ‘yours’. You’ll need to think about your own personal taste, how you want the space to fell, the rest of your décor and the overall style of your home.

Looking at some samples and choosing your favourite colours and materials is usually a good starting point if you’re not sure. This might be far from where you end up, but it will help you to decide what you do and don’t like and what compromises you may have to make in order to ultimately get the space you want.

Just like choosing a paint palette, your flooring choices should flow from room to room to give your home a cohesive and well thought-out feel, especially if your interior leans more towards an open- or broken-plan design.

If staying on trend is high on your priority list, you’ll also want to consider what’s popular in the interior design world, as well as what’s going to add timeless style to your home. This year, traditional is on its way back in, with parquet herringbone designs, patterned carpets and timber floors all coming back in a big way; these are all great ways to combine up-to-date style and timeless character.


This is where you’ll need to think about the size of your space and where light comes from. If your room is naturally lit and full of sunshine a light floor is likely to make your space look bigger and potentially a little bare. In a light space, a warm toned floor can give you the feel of space whilst also keeping your room cosy. On the other hand, a dark or poorly lit space will benefit from a light floor, especially if your accompanying colours and décor are on the darker side.

Needs and practicality

Consider what you use the room for and when. If you’re planning to revamp your hallway or kitchen floor, you’ll probably need something durable and fuss-free to clean. You can afford to get a bit fancier with your reception areas; you might want something with a little extra ‘wow-factor’ for less well-trodden but smarter spaces like a formal living room or dining room.


Looking for some more advice on making your space truly your own? Get in touch with the Nutshell team, or contact the Ocean Flooring experts and make a start on your dream home.