We’ve already looked at a few New Year’s promises you can make for your home in 2017. But new years aren’t just a blank slate for homeowners. They also give construction professionals, architects and interior designers the chance to start afresh and pioneer some new industry trends. To keep you and your home ahead of the curve, here are a few to get you started:

  1. Smart homes – as technology is getting smarter so are our homes. Whilst smart homes are already popular, they’re set to become more mainstream in 2017. Integrated appliances, improved entertainment options and intelligent home systems, such as thumbprint locking and automated networks will become the norm.
  2. Green homes – gradually, homeowners, suppliers and builders are becoming more aware of the environmental issues that are often part and parcel of the construction process. 2017 will see increased adoption of green energy options, sustainable construction methods and a greater eco-conscience surrounding the supply of building materials.
  3. Upholstered and detailed headboards – dramatic, statement bed headboards will be a popular interior design feature in 2017. This has been a staple in hotel interiors for a while and is set to become just as popular in our homes in the New Year.
  4. Terracotta – both the material and the tone are pegged to be popular in 2017. Warm orange tones will replace the currently popular cool, white tones and add a touch of Mediterranean character and warmth to any home.