The New Year is traditionally all about fresh starts and blank slates. With 2017 approaching, it’s likely that you’re thinking about setting a few personal goals and resolutions. You might also like to consider making a few promises about your home… here are a few fixes you should consider making in 2017:

  1. Energy usage – there are so many ways to improve your energy efficiency; efficient ventilation systems, loft insulation, thick doors and curtains, double glazing and regular boiler checks are all great ways to keep your house warm without wasting energy.
  2. Redecorate – there’s no better time to try out a new look than a new year. Extend this to your interiors and try out a new colour, feature piece of furniture or design a whole new room to transform your space.
  3. Check pipes – cold weather can cause damage to pipes which, left untreated, can cause damage to the rest of your house. Whilst you’re thinking about home improvements, it’s a good idea to check your pipes for leaks, drips and any other damage so that you can be proactive if there is an issue. Oh, and if you have a condensing boiler, check that the outside waste (the ‘plume’) is properly lagged – if not your boiler may cut out.
  4. Roof improvements – winter can also be unkind to your roof with freezing weather, hail and rain all playing a part in causing damage. Checking for and replacing broken or missing tiles will help to prevent any harm through ingress of water.