At Nutshell we take pride in our Sussex heritage and we’re committed to preserving both the history and the environment of the county. As far as possible, we aim to use sustainable materials and traditional construction methods. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why we think ‘going green’ is so important:

  1. It’s healthier – green homes have decreased CO2 emissions and tend to use better quality materials. It is said that those living in eco-homes tend to suffer less from chest irritations, mood disorders and general fatigue.
  2. It’s less expensive – although up-front construction and installation costs may seem expensive, in the long run, living in a sustainable home could end up saving you money. Green homes are designed with efficiency and performance in mind which means seriously reduced heating and electricity bills.
  3. It helps protect the environment – correct green construction will ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding countryside by utilising different building methods. What’s more, the use of sustainable woods will help lessen the impact deforestation.
  4. It’s regulated – believe it or not, all new homes must comply with government regulations for sustainable housebuilding. This means that a wholly sustainable design is something you should consider to some extent when planning a new-build.