Cottage Renovation

Country cottages are a classic aspirational home for many, and it’s easy to see with their rustic charm. We have undertaken several cottage restorations and modernisations with the goal of creating a new model of living that is both inherently true to tradition and flexes to the demands of modern life. From repairing the fabric of the building to adding an extension, we’ll always be sure to remain true to a building’s character whilst creating the ideal living space for you.

Featuring heavily in Sussex’s wealth of signature architecture, we relish the opportunity to breathe new life into these highly individual buildings. Using traditional techniques with modern technology and materials, we bring the rural idyll to life.


Our cottages…

This stunning Mid-Sussex home required major refurbishment, both inside and out. Our work also included a considerable extension which mimicked the period character of the original structure and the quintessence of the traditional cottage. The warm integrated brickwork of the exterior is perfectly sympathetic to the original style and the end result is a seamless extension to double the living space.