Nutshell works in an entirely different way to most construction companies. Our whole ethos is customer-centric and driven by incredible levels of service and quality.

Most of our clients, whilst acutely aware of budgets are equally concerned with exacting standards, materials and craftsmanship, coupled to microscopic attention to detail. Although we are often set challenging deadlines we will never short-circuit any project, instead we put our considerable resources behind it to ensure a successful outcome. Our workforce is disciplined, polite and intelligent; we are aware that for many projects we are guests in our clients homes and we aim to make the construction experience as pleasant as possible.

Shaping the vision

Everyone has a vision of how they want their home to look…

At Nutshell we help that vision along. You may have architect’s drawings and plans, but when it comes to those small details, there’s nothing quite like being able to see and discuss an idea sketched out as you talk it over with us.

For us this is not at all unusual. When it’s difficult to visualise a space or a feature, or you’d like to add something, the best way to interpret it is sometimes for us to just pick up a pencil and just draw it!


OED definition: ‘The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.’

Here’s a word that’s tossed about in a totally irresponsible way. Often used, but seldom achieved, it represents however, the standards of excellence that Nutshell delivers. It’s why we’re not the cheapest but it’s also the reason why our clients come back again and again.


Service is the cornerstone of everything we do. Service helps make happy clients, and happy clients help to make our job easier and the end results – stunning. It’s as simple as that – all done by providing good old-fashioned service. Politeness from our staff, a clean and tidy site and always a willingness to discuss every single detail of your project adds up to our definition of service. You should experience it!