The Brighton Festival: Our highlights

If you’ve visited our blog before, you’ll know that we’re proud to be regular sponsors of the annual Brighton Festival. As a Sussex business through and through, sponsoring the Festival allows us to give something [...]

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Proud partners of the soil association

As a business with a radically different ethos from the ‘building norm’, we’re proud to be sponsors of the Soil Association. Whilst the connection may seem rather tenuous, we share many core values with those [...]

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What to consider when planning construction work

When you’ve got a great idea, it can be tempting to dive straight in and start putting your plans into action. We know that realising your construction dream is the most exciting part of any [...]

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How to take your new build from concept to completion

Starting from scratch when building your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make, so, naturally, undertaking a new build project can feel like a leap of faith. Knowing where to start [...]

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Why we’re proud to be sponsoring the Brighton Festival 2017

As a Sussex based company with community values at our core, it should come as no surprise to those familiar with us that we are, once again, sponsoring the Brighton Festival.  Over the years, the [...]

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Introducing the home of 2017: smart homes

The concept of the smart home is not a new one and many of the ideas surrounding the ‘home of the future’ have been around for a while.  Until now, though, technology hasn’t been able [...]

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